Based in Portland and Madrid, we design enviornments that upgrades peoples lives. With over 2000 completed projects, our work is remarkably diverse - various project scales and mixed programmes. Our aim is to help our clients enhance their everyday routines.

Case Study


Solar Desert House

We built this beautiful modern Desert House in 2018. The idea is a modernist haven in the quiet of the desert, for that perfect moment of zen.

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Tucson, Arizona

August, 2018


Casa Val Verde

This beautiful contemporary house built for a young couple, located in the southern area of Barcelona, Spain. Casa Val Verde made to be the Ultimate Vacation Home. 

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Barcelona, Spain

July, 2018


Marcelino Station Plaza

Breathtaking contemporary building located in Belgium, Brussel. The house is surrounded by retaining walls of glass and stainless steel roof panels.

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Belgium, Brussel

June, 2018

557 Kincheloe Road
Portland, Oregon
T +503 531 2528

4361 Coplin Avenue
El Atazar, Madrid
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